Make Room For Mushrooms

Did you know that if you make room for certain mushrooms in your diet, that it can help you immune system and much more? Does this mean that you should eat mushroom soup or throw on more mushrooms on your burger? The simple answer to these questions is no.

A special mushroom called the “Reishi Mushroom” is the one responsible for helping many people. You can find this mushroom growing on maple and hemlock trees in the wild. Unlike mushrooms we are accustomed to, these mushrooms are quite bitter in taste. They are for medicinal purposes only, and definitely not for taste. So then what are some of the benefits?


Reishi mushrooms contain a good amount of antioxidants, which in turn protect the cells in our bodies against DNA damage caused by free radicals or oxidative stress that we encounter everyday—from normal metabolic processes like breathing to exposure to pollution and carcinogens.

Brain And Mood Boosting

Reishi mushrooms help with anxiety, and helps the body cope and adapt to challenges. In addition, it is helpful as a sleep aid calming you down after a full day of travel or stressful work. This is an excellent herb for a racing mind.

Immune Support

It seems that all of us lately have had our minds on boosting our immunity since Covid-19 started showing its ugly face. The good news is that research suggests that Reishi Mushrooms have immune boosting properties. Most of the benefits are in people that are ill, although evidence shows it helps healthy people too. 

As with any herbal supplement, it is best to consult with your health professional. If you would like to try either whole Reishi Mushrooms, Mushroom slices or mixtures click here!