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I have been on opioids for at least 15 years and I have decided to kick it. I came to the store today and wow what a fantastic visit. Staff was so full of information and totally could relate. Full of information and very helpful! I will highly recommend this store to everyone! Going to bring my daughter back so she may get on board. I’LL BE BACK!!

– Pamela



Well I’ll start off by saying
All if the staff is knowledgeable in their product. They can all tell you what strains they like and what works for them. I personally have an illness that causes me to be incapacitated sometimes and have pain that is indescribable. Taking kratom helps me beyond belief. I have been taking it approximately a month now and no longer depend on prescription drugs to help me. I appreciate this shop and these guys so much. They have a customer for life!

– Jasmine


It was my first time trying kratom, and I loved it! You can definitely feel the effects all day long because of the quality of the product. I will continue shopping here!



I moved to Colorado about a year ago and needed to find a new source of kratom. There are lots of options out there but I gave Kratom Cafe right out of the gate and I continue to be very impressed with the quality of their products and how fast they make it to my mailbox. I’m sure other retailers are great but there’s no way they are this good. Thank you guys!


I got in a pinch, not familiar with aurora and don’t have my car.. I called Kratom Cafe and they delivered right to me in a matter of a couple hours. It took the driver time to find me but she was more than patient and absolutely pleasant about it. I couldn’t be more satisfied! Thank you KC!
I’m a chronic pain sufferer and have been off opiates for 4 years, kratom is what gets me through the tough days so today was much needed!

We can’t say enough great things about this product but what makes Kratom Cafe USA way better than the rest is their outstanding customer service – paired with the highest quality organic strains. Totally secure site. Thanks Kratom Cafe!!!

– Mimi


By far the best out there! If you haven’t tried Kratomcafe do it now! Totally professional packaging and delivered right to me within an hour



Kratom Cafe has the highest quality product around (for aroma therapy) quick, efficient and friendly service! I’ll keep coming around for sure. 100% recommended

Denver News Now


I would give 6 stars if I could…1st time order today, there was some miscommunication on my part and they went above and beyond to rectify the situation. Being in customer service for 20 years, I’ve never had such a professional and pleasant issue resolution experience. Best aromatherapy product out there, thanks Nick for being you!



I’ve been a customer for 2 years now, and shortly after I found them, my other providers were unceremoniously dropped from my contacts list. The quality is (unbelievably for kratom) consistent. Consistently excellent to be more specific. Nick is the man. He is very professional, accessible, responsive and actually, just a really cool guy. Going to anyone else is a mistake one won’t realize until trying Kratom Cafe. I’ve done the trial and error for you. These guys are always experimenting with new products and developing innovative stuff, plus they have so many different strains to check out. All the stars.