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All Organic & High Potency

Finest Kratom Available Anywhere
Kratom Cafe USA distributes the finest, organic and high potency products available right from the source directly to your door step!
Sourced Only From Mature Kratom Trees

The Kratom Cafe Difference

Providing you the highest quality products at reasonable prices!

Our Premium Strains

Organic & Pure


I have peripheral neuropathy and have lots of pain with it.  I have found the products of Kratom Cafe USA to be helpful in reducing my need for pain medication.  I appreciate the fast service and how you were able to answer all my questions. Thanks again.

Sundru M.

I have been using kratom for a few years now for anxiety and mood swings.  It has worked okay from some of the head shops I buy from.  The first time I used your product I was amazed how much more effective & smooth it is.  Your kratom is the best I have EVER used.

Richard G.

I love to use kratom for working out and for chilling out.  Your powder is off the hook! I dont mind paying a little more to get 5 times the potency and nearly lasts twice as long. Smooth transaction and the package arrived a day early too so thanks and I will be ordering more.

Gabe T.

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