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Kratom Cafe

A Holistic Approach To Healing

What makes us different than other websites selling Kratom?

Kratom Cafe USA is a company that has a passion to provide consumers the highest quality imported Kratom. We educate consumers on the benefits to fit each person’s lifestyle needs.

  • We currently have family living in Indonesia, and are the exclusive distributor of Kratom from a traditional farm with fully mature adult trees that are decades old!
  • The traditional practices of growing, harvesting, and processing are practiced to produce a GMO free, Organic, and completely unadulterated product.
  • The farm’s unique ecosystem allows for higher consistent properties of the leaves that are harvested from decades old trees!

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I have peripheral neuropathy and fibromyalgia and have lots of pain that accompanies both conditions.  I have found the products of Kratom Cafe USA to be amazing in reducing my pain and gave me a level of comfort I haven’t had in years.  I appreciate the fast service and how you were able to answer all my questions. Thanks again! Cheers

Sundru M.

I have been using kratom for years now for anxiety and sleep and it has been a real life-saver. I’m grateful for coming across Kratom Cafe as I tried their sampler pack with a level of skepticism that comes with trying new brands and I am glad I took the jump and did it! Seriously the best products I have EVER used. Thanks for being great guys and helping me through this by answering my questions and providing a great quality product!

Richard G.

I love to use kratom for working out and for relaxing after a long day.  Your powder is off the hook! It was 5 times the potency and nearly lasts twice as long as what I usually pick up from shops. Smooth transaction and the package arrived a day early too!!! So thanks and you have a life long customer!

Gabe T.