Kratom vein colors (White Kratom, Green Kratom, Gold kratom and red kratom)

The leaf (Mitragyna speciosa) grows on trees in South East Asia are part of the coffee family. The leaves whether they are fresh or dried are either chewed or made into tea. It is very seldom that the leaf is smoked. The most popular form found in the West is crushed into powder and made into tea or put in gelatin capsules.

The History Of Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) and its uses

The leaves been known about for decades and most likely has been growing and used for hundreds of years in South East Asian countries. As a traditional herbal remedy it has been commonly used by manual laborers (e.g., fisherman, farmers, and rubber-tappers) in northern Malaysia and southern Thailand to improve work productivity under the sweltering sun and to relieve fatigue.



The best and most common uses of Kratom is based on a multitude of different variables. Kratom vein colors, preparation, time of harvest and each one promotes a different use/ feeling. Around the world (mainly Southeast Asia), it is used to provide relief from discomfort, aid in sleep and to improve mood. More commonly in Amercia, it has been used for those wanting to quit opioid drugs or prevent withdrawals from opiates. Although the use of Kratom is quite controversial, most customers in-store and online (referring to kratom websites) outline its uses for people struggling with alcohol cravings, opoid withdrawals and depression, and low energy among a long list of what kratom powder works best for them. Multifaceted uses for Kratom definitely make it one of the best herbal and holistic ways that I’ve seen in online forums. But everything comes with risk, there is still a risk for abuse so it’s always be good to be cautious and considerate when trying any new herb and or plant.

FDA REgulation on Kratom

Kratom is legal at the federal level and in the majority of states, however at this time is is not FDA approved. Kratom is currently illegal in Alabama; Arkansas; Indiana; Rhode Island; Vermont; Wisconsin; and San Diego, California. Additional counties may have restrictions and laws not outlined in the above list. A good example is in Denver, Colorado where only raw powder is allowed and has to be affixed with a warning label but it is still legal to purchase and possess in the city.



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